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Indestructo Tank
Mario World 2
Ginger Factory
J'aime Mahjong
Prehistoric Bomber
Flood Runner 3

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Pokemon TD
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Choose Your Weapon
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Chop Raider
Temple Glider
The Game   (Played 3406x)
Before starting, there are one of three shapes to choose from. Each shape has it's advantages and disadvantages, namely their move speed and shape, adjusting your end score accordingly based on the selected shapes difficultly. With your shape selected, you hop into stage 1. As you progress throughout the stages, the overall difficultly of the game increases as new things to avoid are introduced, along with your score increasing every second. Progress to new stages by surviving long enough. There are 12 stages total. Getting hit will cause you to lose one of four lives.
The Controls
Use the mouse or the arrow keys to control the shapes
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