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Halloween Learning Mario/Sonic Multi Player Nitrome Platform
Board Games (5 Total)
Play Battleships Battleships  The classic game of Battleship. Outguess your opponent to win!

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Play Chinese Checkers Chinese Checkers  The classic game of strategy. Up to 6 players can play.

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Play J'aime Mahjong J'aime Mahjong  Beautifully designed Mahjong game with 80 different solvable levels.

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Play Mahjong Solitaire Mahjong Solitaire  Match pairs of identical tiles in this classic puzzle game.

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Play Master Mahjongg Master Mahjongg  New high-quality variation, the most popular among the Chinese game Mahjong

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More Choice Games

    Use your mouse to click on objects and locations on the screen.
    Play MonkeyGoHappy M2
    Unique puzzle platform game where what you see is not always what it seems
    Play Shift
    Weave your feline way along trap laden courses aboard your legged craft.
    Play Nitrome Flash Cat
    Explore the mines using your laser cannon
    Play Canary
    Draw and get enough sugar in the cups! Complete all 30 levels to unlock the bonus freeplay mode.
    Play Sugar Sugar
    The King and Queen have been locked in the castle by the evil Prince! A fiendish puzzler where you must beat all your opponents to find them
    Play Headspin Cards
other featured games
Play Guide the Super Bot
Guide the Super Bot
Super Mega Bot is a challenging and fun platformer.

Play Wake Up Box 2
Wake Up Box 2
Wake up the sleeping boxes by placing objects on the play-field.

Play Word Machine
Word Machine
Find words starting with a provided letter and including 0,1 or 2 other given letters, in a limited time.

Play Avalanche
Downhill mayhem! Avoid obstacles, keeping ahead of THE AVALANCHE!

Play Shopping Cart Hero2
Shopping Cart Hero2
Many have tried. Many have failed. Do you have what it takes to be a hero?

Play Tank Bomber
Tank Bomber
These kamikaze tanks are out of control! Destroy them before they reach you!

Play Intensub 2
Intensub 2
Nicely upgraded version of the first Intensub game. Better graphics and powerups.

Play Hardest Mario
Hardest Mario
Play the hardest Mario game ever written

Play Pokemon TD
Pokemon TD
When a pack of wild Rattata attack Professor Oak's lab, it is up to you to stop them. Set out on your own Pokemon journey, to catch and train all pokemon and try to solve the mystery behind these attacks.

Play Mario Ghost House
Mario Ghost House
Help Mario escape from the ghost house

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